33 Most Unique and Delicious Pastries in Baltimore, Maryland

Are you looking for the most unique and delicious pastries in Baltimore, Maryland? Look no further! We've collected the 33 most-mentioned places for scrumptious delicacies, including favorites like Codetta Bake Shop, Midnite Confections Cupcakery, and The Waffie. The Waffie is considered one of the “100 Best Places to Eat in the U. S. In the USA” and offers a variety of mouth-watering treats, all of them with waffles.

From the Cookie Monster Sando waffle to the Ultimate Banana Split Waffle, you'll be sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. For premium artisanal ice cream with extraordinary flavors, head to The Charmery. Their menu is always changing with the season, but some of their signature flavors include Old Bay Caramel and vegan Oreo Cho. Charm City Cakes is another must-visit spot for pastries in Baltimore.

With a reputation that precedes them, people come from everywhere to try their creations. While most are custom orders, they have a selection of cupcakes, cake jars, and small cakes available for purchase. The passion fruit cupcake and the chocolate espresso cupcake are out of this world!Baltimoreans love ice cream and one of our favorite spots is BMore Licks. Try the Cookie Monster, which has just the right amount of candy.

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